Sound Bites Festival BEM FE UNTAR 2018

Coming soon in this May 4-6th 2018 at Tribeca Park, Central Park Mall the biggest music festival and awarding night in Tarumanagara University by @bemfeuntar #ECONOWEEKS2018 #THEPHOSPHORESCENT with amazing speaker and guest stars! There will be also Dance, Band and Latte Art Competition. Be ready and make sure you’re joined. It’s FREE ENTRY! #bemfeuntar

For more info, visit www.bemfeuntar.com or
Instagram           : @BEMFEUNTAR // @ECOVEST_ID
Twitter               : @BEMFE_UNTAR
Line                   : @BEMFEUNTAR

For More Information :
- 085710533888 (Selly)
- 089605038468 (Rendy)

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