Retira Juliane Released Her First EP titled Yes, You It’s All About You - On June 9, 2022, Retira Juliane released her first EP titled “Yes, You. It’s All About You” under 1945MF

Records label. This EP is consisted of 4 self-written songs and 1 bonus track which Retira Juliane co- wrote with Alam Urbach. The song arrangements were developed by RizkiMH, who also acted as producer.

EP “Yes, You. It's All About You" is supported by Indonesian music producers and musicians such as Mahardhika Soekarno as Executive Producer, Alam Urbach, helping with songwriting and composing the bonus track “Next Destination” as well as a mentor in the song production, Indinagoro Satriajati who assisted in composing “Off My Mind”, and RizkiMH as producer and composer. The recording process was carried out at 1945MF Records, Jakarta.

The compositions and light lyrics of the 5 songs selected in this EP are to show off the characteristics of Retira Juliane’s music and vocal. These songs are expected to give new colors and fresh air to the Indonesian music scene.

Starting June 9, 2022, EP “Yes, You. It's All About You" has been released on digital streaming platforms. At the same time, other creative products will be released sequentially, namely lyric videos, music videos, live sessions, and other contents related to this EP.

The photo for digital cover (artwork) was taken by Shella Sabila. It was edited by Retira Juliane and Bagoes Donny. The narrations whereas the narratives are brief explanations of the songs were written by Retira Juliane and edited by Neysa Falimudya.

Instagram: @retirajuliane
Twitter: @retirajuliane
Tiktok: @retirajuliane
Spotify: Retira Juliane
Youtube: Retira Juliane

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