List Of Korean Dramas and Japanese Doramas On November 2023 - Semarang 06/11/2023. We arrive in November 2023 and this time we will present information about a list of Korean dramas and Japanese dramas that will accompany us to welcome the end of 2023.

1. The Story Of Park's Marriage Contract (MBC)
In the 19th century and on the night of her wedding day, Park Yeon-Woo’s (Lee Se-Young) husband tells her he has suffered from a heart disease for a long time and apologizes. He spits out blood and dies. She is devastated by her current situation. Making matters worse, Park Yeon-Woo gets kidnapped by a man and is thrown into a well. 

The next moment, she opens her eyes and sees her husband in front of her. She is now in present day Seoul, South Korea. The man who saves her from the swimming pool is Kang Tae-Ha (Bae In-Hyuk). He is the successor of SH Seoul Corporation. He doesn't mind opening himself up to others due to his heart disease and trauma that he suffered from in his childhood. He is a logical person and not interested in having a romantic relationship, but his ill grandfather tells him that he wishes to see his wedding before he dies. Kang Tae-Ha asks Park Yeon-Woo, who he saved, to enter into a contract marriage.

2. Moon In The Day (ENA)
Han Joon-O (Kim Young-Dae) is a top star in Korea. He seems like a perfect person with a tall, handsome appearance, but he is saddled with an inferiority complex. He belongs to Beginning Entertainment, which his older brother Han Min-O (On Joo-Wan) runs. 

One day, Han Joon-O takes part in a public advertisement with firefighter Kang Young-Hwa (Pyo Ye-Jin). During the filming of the advertisement, a car accident occurs. Kang Young-Hwa is able to save Han Joon-O in the accident. After that, Kang Young-Hwa begins to work as Han Joon-O’s body guard. Meanwhile, after the car crash and when Han Joon-O wakes up, his body is possessed by the vengeful spirit of Do Ha (Kim Young-Dae). Do-Ha was a nobleman in Silla and he was killed by his wife Han Ri-Ta (Pyo Ye-Jin), whom he loved deeply.

3. Vigilante (Disney+)
When Kim Ji-Yong (Nam Joo-Hyuk) was a child, his mother was beaten to death by a thug for no reason on the street. The thug only received 3 and half years in prison. Kim Ji-Yong is now an adult and he sees that his mother's killer hasn't changed at all. Kim Ji-Yong takes matters into his own hands and beats him brutally.

Since then, Kim Ji-Yong begins living two totally different lives. During the weekdays, he is a model student at the police university, but, during the weekends, he punishes criminals who received ridiculously light sentences and continue to commit criminal acts. Kim Ji-Yong is now called Vigilante and he receives help from Jo Gang-Ok (Lee Joon-Hyuk), who admires him. Meanwhile, Jo Heon (Yoo Ji-Tae), who is the team leader of a police investigation team, chases after the man called Vigilante. Choi Mi-Ryeo (Kim So-Jin) is a reporter of a broadcasting station and she covers Vigilante.

4. Korea-Khitan War (KBS2)
A story of King Hyeonjong (Kim Dong-Joon) of Goryeo and Commander-in-Chief Gang Gam-Chan (Choi Soo-Jong). They unite the people of Goryeo to one and lead a war against Khitan.

5. A Bloody Lucky Day (TVING)
Oh Taek (Lee Sung-Min) works as a taxi driver. One day, he has a dream where a lot of pigs appear. This type of dream is thought to bring about good luck. On that same day, he earns his usual amount of money. When he thinks about calling it a day, a man named Geum Hyeok-Soo (Yoo Yeon-Seok) asks Oh Taek to drive him to the port city of Mokpo. He offers a million won (~$1,000) to drive him. Oh Taek accepts the drive, but Oh Taek is not aware that Geum Hyeok-Soo murdered a man and he is planning to stowaway on a boat. Meanwhile, Hwang Soon-Kyu (Lee Jung-Eun) is a mother of the man who was murdered by Geum Hyeok-Soo. She chases after her son's killer.

6. Renai no Susumen (TBS)
Keisuke Otori (Keito Tsuna) attends a prestigious high school that has implemented a rigid environment to allow students to focus on their studies only. The high school has a strict rule that all kinds of entertainment are banned, including dating. If a student is found to be dating, they will be expelled from the school. Keisuke Otori happens to meet a girl and falls in love for the first time in his life. He is not willing to give up on his first love and goes up against his school's rule on dating. His friends attending the same school try to stop him, but they become touched by his sincerity.

7.Boyhood (Coupang Play)
In 1989, Jang Byeong-Tae (Im Si-Wan) is a high school student in Buyeo, South Chungcheong Province. He was the odd person at his previous school and he wished that he would not be bullied by the other students. He gets transferred to a new school, but, on his first at his new school, he is mistakenly believed to be the best fighter in Buyeo by the other students. He gets involved with three other students there: Park Ji-Young (Lee Sun-Bin) is a high school student with the nickname of black spider, Jung Kyeong-Tae (Lee Si-Woo) is a high school student known for fighting well, and Kang Sun-Hwa (Kang Hye-Won) is a female student popular among the male students.

8. My Demon (SBS)
Do Do-Hee (Kim You-Jung) is the successor of the Future Group. She has an arrogant and cool-headed personality, who doesn’t trust in anyone. She is cynical about love. Do Do-Hee gets involved with a demon named Jung Gu-Won (Song Kang) and makes a contract marriage with him. She faces big changes in her life.

Jung Gu-Won is a demon. He can live for eternity by making dangerous, but sweet deals with humans who endure hellish lives. He looks down upon humans and he has prowled over this world like an apex predator for 200 years. He gets involved with Do Do-Hee and somehow loses his power all of a sudden. He then enters into a contract marriage with her. To prevent his own extinction, he must protect Do Do-Hee who has taken all of his power. Their relationship develops romantically.

10. Tell Me That You Love Me (ENA)
Cha Jin-Woo (Jung Woo-Sung) has a hearing impairment. He is not comfortable speaking due to his disability. Cha Jin-Woo is used to expressing his feelings through drawings instead of speaking. He happens to meet Jung Mo-Eun (Shin Hyun-Bin). She is an aspiring actress and expresses her feelings through words. Cha Jin-Woo and Jung Mo-Eun fall in love with each other.


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